A Cloud Based Hotel Management System

Manage your hotel on the go, from a single solution.

About us

Hotsoft is an online Hotel Management Software application that provides accurate and easy to use Hotel Management Tool. It protects your business from loss of data and increase accountability. You can view transactions from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home, office etc. it’s user friendly and your data are well secured in the cloud

What You Get



  • Reservation
  • Inventory
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Guest Details
  • Report and History
  • Financial Account
  • Employee (Staff Payroll)
  • Human Resource
  • Multiple User per Hotel
  • Guest Birthday Reminder


  • Room Features i.e Check in, Check out, Change room, Add room, Discount rate per room
  • Stock management
  • Membership (Gold, Silver, Platinum card)
  • Internet data service package
  • Electronic Card Lock Interface
  • Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Interface
  • SMS Interface
  • PBX-CALL Account Interface
  • Toll free call package + 24/7 customer support


  • Reduce time spent on administrative task
  • Increase online presence
  • Automated back up against data loss
  • Builds relationship with guests
  • Manage your revenue
  • Increase your bookings
  • Accurate reporting system


Online booking, minimize workload, handle all aspect of booking, access to online payment / ticketing, provides & secures customer data.

Stock and Inventory Management

This controls ordering, storing, tracking, and inventory management.(every item a business uses to produce its products or services )


Point of Sales

Point of Sales enable retail transaction, calculate the amount owed by customer, indicate the amount, enables mode of payment, invoice for customer as prof of payment and give accurate sales and reporting at the end of the day, week, month and year.


Financial Account processes end of day transactions recorded systematically in the various books of accounts maintained by the organization in order to prepare financial statements. These financial statements include Profitability Statement or Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet,Account Payable and Receivable.


This feature improves business efficiency by automating workforce, leaves, payroll and compliance management processes, etc. It combines all these elements in a central location, making all employee information to all relevant personnel.


Electronic Card Door Lock access control system can effectively secure and manage door access to Hotels with Programmed Check-In and Check-Out Date and time.


Can effectively secure and manage door access to Hotels, with Programmed Check-In and Check-Out Date and Time to give guests and owners peace of mind.


SMS stands for Short Message Service, which is the formal name for the technology used for text messaging. This interface sends automatic short messages to guest/hotel owners about an information they need to know as at when due. Our Birthday Reminder feature uses this technology to automatically wish guest well on his/her birthday.


This features interface with call accounting devices that output call information. It automatically posts phone charges to the guest folio with no operation required. Each call is logged and a transaction is created and posted to the folio and general ledger which is viewed by front -desk officer.

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